"It was a man, robed in crimson, skin dark like boiled leather. He was not from Villamaje. He came from somewhere further south - somewhere no man in Deyeron had ever seen." - The Point of Chaos, Chapter 13

Jyr, of the Sunfields, is a character who appears in The Point of Chaos. Adrian Starmane and his group find him locked in the dungeons of Villamaje, where he tells them he knows where they can find Narcis Malvador, the leader of the Children of Ash. He also details his experience fleeing from The Specter King, who he claims resides in his home country of the Sunfields.


Jyr is an incredibly adept warrior, skilled in both bladed combat, as well as ranged. Much of his background is unknown, apart from what he reveals through dialogue. He claims that he had traveled on a ship with multiple others from his country, fleeing an attack by The Specter King. The ship had wrecked near Villamaje, likely on rocks, and he and another of his crew were the only survivors. That was when the scouts of Cantarell Villalon found them and took them in. His crewman, who fought back, was killed and thrown overboard. He was wise enough to keep calm and cooperate with his captors, and so was taken to Cantarell directly.

Cantarell asked him to find Narcis Malvador and bring his head back to Casteloro - something he does with all of his unexpected guests. Jyr found the cult and its leader, but was unsuccessful in killing him. When he returned to the king without a head, Cantarell imprisoned him in the dungeon, forgetting his existence. When Adrian Starmane and Sir Winmore Normand enter the dungeons to speak to their captured fellows, Jyr makes himself known.


Jyr is dark-skinned - a sight that the people of the Known World are unfamiliar with. He is from the Sunfields, which is constantly beaten by incessant sunlight, giving its inhabitants a skin tone more shadowy than those from the North. He is also seen wearing crimson robes overtop of a tunic of ornate gold and red. His hair is dark and speckled with grey, as is his beard.

His garb is that of the warrior clan - light and easy to maneuver in. No armor plating means he is vastly unprotected, yet his skill and stamina ensure he is rarely hit during combat. Once out of his cell, he is typically seen wearing a curved sabre in an ornamented scabbard. A dagger is sheathed as well, on his belt, which he uses as a throwing weapon.

Name Origin

The origin of the name Jyr is unknown, as most of the details about the people of the Sunfields are not known among those of the Known World. His suffix title, of the Sunfields, was likely adopted when he came to Deyeron, possibly given to him by Cantarell Villalon.

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