"In the beginning, there was nothingness... a darkness that stretched out to infinity." - Mæro, The Plight of Steel, Prefix

Mæro is the first of priests, often referenced when discussing ancient tales, namely those involving The Specter King and the history of the Gods.


Mæro was the first religious man during the First Age of the Earth. He claimed that he was sent by the Gods to Earth to record their histories and pass on their wishes to the rest of humanity. Most of the tales of creation were written by him. Because very little was recorded about the man himself, Mæro is often thought of as being embodied by his writings, for a physical description was never written down. He was known to be a recluse, preferring to lock himself in his home to write his stories, only appearing to give instructions to his pastors, who would transmit his wishes to the populace.

Name Origin

The name Mæro is unique, as it utilizes the ligature "æ" instead of singular letters. It is believed that the priest did this himself, perhaps to create a sense of otherworldly reverence. Whether his true name was something alike to Maero, which was a common name at the time, or whether is was something different altogether is unknown.

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