Shyrrik Vaenoria confronting Alvador Zorander.

Shyrrik Vaenoria was the first king of the elves and the first Lord of Ashes. He fought against Alvador Zorander during the War of the First Age, attempting to defend his homeland of Deyeron from human invaders.


When the elves came to be, Shyrrik Vaenoria was gifted with a mysterious ability, seemingly by the Gods. He was given the ability to control the elements, which allowed him to set things aflame, bend the winds to his will, and change the flow of rivers. Along with this gift, he was bound to a dragon, which would come at his call and do his bidding. The elves named him Seir Ven Assien, which translates to Lord of the Earth. Later on, Alvador Zorander's human soldiers, upon hearing this, altered the translation into Lord of Ashes as an insult, insinuating that Shyrrik wanted to burn the world and rule over its ashes.

Shyrrik and Alvador waged an age-long war, which grew increasingly brutal and violent as the years pressed on. Eventually, much to Alvador's benefit, Shyrrik met a human woman who he captured along the road, immediately falling in love with her. They bore a child, Aerynir, who they sent away to an unknown location, disguised as a human in an effort to protect the boy. Shyrrik's efforts to win the war were lessened because of his relationship with his wife, and by the end of the First Age, he had almost ceased them completely. Alvador had him killed, along with his wife, in his fortress at the center of the Forest of Rock.

Some believe, however, that Shyrrik never died. He supposedly escaped to a small island formed around a volcano in the Southeast corner of The Known World, where he constructed a small keep. When humans found this island, the keep was already destroyed and abandoned with no trace of its former inhabitants, save for a splintered elven crossbow.

Priests then concocted the story that the Gods themselves had descended the mountain and taken Shyrrik up with them into the heavens, burning his keep and killing his men as punishment for his transgressions against the humans. This was never proven.


Shyrrik was described as being tall and fair, with the typical silver skin and hair of the Faynin elves. He rode upon an oryx, which he gilded, adding many bells and ribbons to its horns. He would wear the seemingly mismatched metal plating that his race was known to bear, and he carried the mythical blade Evyndin, which translates to Godslayer. This, he could use to fire beams of white light at his foes, turning them to dust.

Name Origin

The name Shyrrik in elvish became a common first name, as the elves honored and respected their ancient king. Vaenoria translates to Savior. This fact, of course, angered the humans, as their own religious stories told of a human Savior that would vanquish The Specter King.

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