The Farlands is a Western landmass, the Easternmost part of which is charted on maps of The Known World. Instead of being a country comprised of numerous continents and oceans, like its neighbor, Deyeron, the Farlands is a large piece of land that extends far off into the unexplored part of the Earth, presumably joining with the Sunfields.


The Farlands is the largest of the continental landmasses in The Known World, within which are located the kingdoms of Velerin, Shemerith, and Saevia. The Eastern Mountains are also located near its Eastern shore, and the great lake known as Zorander's Blood also lies to the South. Overall, the landscape is mountainous, with great stretches of grasslands dotted every so often by chasms and ravines. Many rivers and large lakes cut across the seemingly endless fields, in place of the oceans found in Deyeron.

Hidden amongst the idyllic greenery are ruins of ancient castles and strongholds, some of which are said to be inhabited by spirits of both former land owners, as well as wandering knights and travelers who died along their treks.

Significant Locations

  • Eastern Mountains
  • Zorander's Blood
  • Velerin
  • Seavale Keep
  • The Fortress of the Green Legion

Races and People

People of the Farlands are primarily fair-skinned, though because the great city of Velerin acts as the world's trading center, travelers from far away places often come to visit, and even stay to build their homes. Those born in the Farlands - the natives to the region - are mostly Caucasian, though people from father South, especially along the shores, are known to have darker skin.

Because of The Farlands' size, and the fact that most of it is uncharted, those living farther West past recorded territory could display drastically different skin colors, as well as overall appearances.


Before Alvador Zorander's arrival, The Farlands was almost entirely uninhabited by humans. As people multiplied during the First Age, however, small townships and hamlets were established. King Zorander, upon his arrival from somewhere in the West, past recorded territory, rallied the people of these townships and established the kingdom of Velerin, along with the great city within it.

He gifted territory to various noblemen and allies he was close with, and they later established the smaller kingdoms of Saevia and Shemerith, which were primarily bound to Velerin as duchies, ruled by dukes and duchesses. Many smaller plots of land were also gifted, such as the duchy of Heathyard, which is generally unlisted on most maps. After the fall of King Zorander, Saevia and Shemerith established their own monarchies, while the smaller duchies remained as they were.

Name Origin

The name of The Farlands was thought up by the men of Deyeron, as the journey they would take to reach it was often long and treacherous. In the original Ancient Tongue, the land was called Heraveil, which is what Alvador Zorander would have named it after establishing his rule. This translates to Great Kingdom.

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