Tomb of Alvador Zorander. His death marked the end of the First Age.

The First Age of the Earth is the first thousand years spanning from the year 0 BGV, or Before the Great Victory, also known as 0 SV, or Serto e Virte, which translates to Before the Victory, to 1000 SV. When king Alvador Zorander, who was born on approximately 850 SV, passed away, it marked the end of the First Age. This was conveniently the year 1000.

Important Events

Events that occurred during the First Age include the War of the First Age, in which Alvador Zorander and Shyrrik Vaenoria fought for control of the country of Deyeron. This is perhaps the most notable of events, along with the settling of Deyeron that followed the Great Victory of the First Age. Royal families from across the earth came to Deyeron and the Farlands to settle the land Alvador had conquered, cementing the elves' defeat and the loss of their realm.

It was also during the First Age that, according to the stories of the people of the Sunfields, three Northmen found The Specter King in a cave. One of these men was then possessed by the demon.

Much of the events which occurred during the First Age were unrecorded, aside from the two previously mentioned. Large swathes of information that were recorded were burned by Dymon the Black after he conquered the city of Velerin, in which the records of the world's history were kept. Only important writings about the Gods, and about the War of the First Age, survived.

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