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A center for information on the high-fantasy world detailed in Tony Del Degan's Plight of Steel novel series.

Everything including characters, kingdoms, and creatures can be found here, with more being added all the time as new novels and content is released.

This wiki contains spoilers. If you are worried about having the stories ruined, finish them before reading through these pages.

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The world of The Plight of Steel is far bigger than what is seen in the novels. To understand the history and the reasons why events in the novels are taking place, have a read through this wiki for a brief summary of the world's history.

A lore book is planned for release after the main novels, but until then, have fun exploring.

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The Plight of Steel is a novel series written by Tony Del Degan, which details the rise and fall of multiple royal families and the myth and magic behind their conflicts. It will consist of four main novels. The first one, The Plight of Steel, has been released, with a sequel named The Point of Chaos coming soon.

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