The Sunfields is a region referenced by Jyr, of the Sunfields, in the Point of Chaos. He claims it is the place from which he came after fleeing the Specter King. Farther West than Deyeron or The Farlands, the mythical Sunfields is not charted on any maps of The Known World.


Little is known about the region, though it can be assumed from dialogue and descriptions that the country is desert-like, with tall mountain ranges and large oceans and lakes. It is presumably the home of the Specter King, as detailed by Jyr, though proof of this is never provided by him.

Races and People

People from the Sunfields are dark-skinned, much more so than people of Villamaje. This is presumably because of the nature of the climate. None from the Known World have ever seen the Sunfields, and so it can be assumed that the people there are entirely dark-skinned, with no intermixing between races. Likewise, as far as is known, Jyr is the only man from the Sunfields to have crossed into the Known World.


Again, little is known, though Jyr describes a tale he was told as a child when Sir Winmore Normand questions him in the dungeons of Villamaje. He claims that three fair-skinned men once traveled into the Sunfields, their purpose being unclear. They discovered an ancient primordial being in a cave, which possessed the body of one of the men, mutilating and consuming it. The two others were then consumed as well, and the being, now with energy enough to take shape, as well as a host, became known to the people of the Sunfields as the Specter King. This contradicts the religious stories about the Specter King being a creation of The One, sent to punish humanity, that the people of the Known World were told.

Name Origin

The origin of the name is entirely unknown, though one can assume that it was derived from the nature of the climate in the region. There are many fields, all beaten by the sun, and so the name was a simple creation.

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