The sigil of the house of Valinor.

"The City of Cities, it was called, but Velerin was its proper name." - The Plight of Steel, Chapter 3

Velerin is the city-kingdom in the far East of The Farlands, constructed by Alvador Zorander during the First Age of the Earth. It was first ruled by the Sharpe family, then it passed to the Valinor family. The sigil of the Valinors is a kingfisher holding a banner in its beak, which bears the inscription: Lyei en Esthayea, which translates to Honor and Esteem.


Within the borders of the kingdom, there are only long, winding streets and buildings - some houses and others shops. A great wall many feet high surrounds the kingdom, which can be passed by means of four gates, one in the North, South, East, and West. These are named respectively based on their locations in relation to the compass (West Gate, North Gate, etc.).

Because of the terrain upon which the city is built, natural levels of elevation are formed, providing separation between the various classes who live in the kingdom. Those more prosperous live in the higher Noble's District, while the common-folk dwell in the Lower City, or as the men of the Noble District call it: The Sty. Above the Noble's District is the King's Courtyard, a small yard of stone with a gazebo of white wood at its center. This provides access to the Cliff Road, which winds upwards to Castle Whitehaven.

Placed at strategic points within the city are towers, each with a big bell of silver at its pinnacle. These can be rung in the event of a siege, informing the castle of the distance between it and the invading force. Beneath the city is also a complex web of tunnels dug by Cyran Sharpe for the purpose of easy escape. If the city was to fall somehow, the monarchs have an easy route out past the wall and into the countryside of The Farlands.

The Ruling Family

After the death of Alvador Zorander, the throne of Velerin remained vacant. Many royal families converged on the city to meet and discuss which of them would take the crown, as along with the ability to rule came the riches generated by the amount of trade which occurred in the kingdom. At the meeting, it was agreed that the kingdom should be ruled by all instead of by a king or queen. There would be a democratic government instated, with a council in charge of decision-making.

The sigil of the house of Sharpe.

Cyran Sharpe, however, patriarch of the ancient Sharpe family, had a better idea. He convinced each man of the council that his fellows were plotting against him, attempting to usurp the throne. Arguments and conflicts erupted, resulting in a small battle between the royal families, which Cyran watched from behind the city walls.

Eventually, the families all but slaughtered each other, leaving Cyran the only remaining king suited to take the throne, and he did so gladly. For many years, the Sharpe family ruled over Velerin until the forces of Dymon the Black came to the city. After the events featured in The Plight of Steel during the Velerin flashback chapter, the house of Valinor was instated as the ruling family in the kingdom, though this was only a guise set up by Dymon. He acted as the true king, hiding behind the name of Valinor, as the city could only be ruled by a noble family and not a single man with no name or living kin. This was because an heir would have to be produced, and in accordance with the rules of honor and lordship set by Alvador Zorander, any kingdom, especially one that used to belong to him, would have to be ruled by a family of royal blood. After the death of Dymon the Black, the city became truly ruled by the Valinor family under Kelyssa Valinor.

Significant Locations

  • Castle Whitehaven


The city of Velerin has passed through many hands, with many different rulers sitting upon its throne. It is an important piece of territory, as the city is a trade center between all the rest of the kingdoms in The Known World. Because of this, it is desired among the royalty of the world, for whoever wears its crown is granted the guarantee of immense wealth and power.

The men who protect the city are those of the Steel Garrison, who dress in blue armor plating with visors wrought into the likenesses of kingfisher heads. They are highly trained warriors, both with melee and ranged combat styles, and can match even the Dragon Knights of Riverfall in battle. As a rule of their collective, they are disallowed from removing their helmets or lifting their visors, for they are thought to be part of the city itself, and would be dishonored by showing their human faces. Because of this, the people of Velerin have come to think of them as golems, perhaps inhuman. Their chief is the Commander of the Steel Garrison, whose blue armor is edged in gold. He is seen in The Plight of Steel, first performing duties for Dymon the Black, then for Kelyssa Valinor and her council. Many suspect that the Commander is not always the same man, but rather multiple, being replaced whenever one grows too old or is killed in combat.

Name Origin

The name Velerin is a word from the Ancient Tongue spoken by men during the First Age. It means Kingstown, named so by Alvador Zorander.

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